Update, Available Releases, and 50% off Bonedust~

Finally getting back into the swing of things after a too-many-month-long break in which I became slightly narcoleptic and hibernated the spring away. Okay, that’s not the truth, but it sounds better than “Hey, I heard Xoe fell off the face of the earth last month!” Yeah, because that’s basically what I did. Oops. I’d say it wouldn’t happen again, but that would be another lie. I’m just that awesome. 😛

Anyway, to the meat of this post.

Update/Newsflash: I’ll be blogging when I feel like it and they’ll probably involve updates, but I’m considering jumping into a couple blog hops. We’ll see. Also, working on a couple different things writing-wise and hope for another release late fall/early winter if all goes well.

And I realized I never made a post about my releases! So, for those of you who are interested…

Available Now!

Bonedust– M/M Paranormal Romance  – $2.99 And during the month of July, Bonedust is available at a 50% discount through Smashwords only, making it only $1.50!

Unable to stake his cruel vampire master himself due to the bonedust inked into his skin, Gabriel Sharpe flees the Boneyard with one thing on his mind: find vampire hunter Dante. If he doesn’t kill Jeremie now, the vampire will find and Change him and Gabriel would rather die than be a slave for the rest of his immortal life.

Snake-shifter Urban Winters lives life by the experience; a part-time bounty hunter to pay child support, his true calling is exotic dancing. The minute he sees the scarred and beautiful Gabriel walk through the doors of his club, he wants him—and when Gabriel offers him a job as his bodyguard, Urban jumps on it for a reason to spend time with the runaway slave. They fall into a searing relationship that leaves Urban breathless…and terrified of what the future may hold. Urban wants to be lovers; Gabriel wants a relationship.

Dante’s a part of Urban’s past that he’d rather not dredge up, but when Gabriel is stolen away from him, he’s the only man Urban trusts to take out the vampire, once and for all.

Also available at: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble.

And while you’re at it, Matter of Time is free on Smashwords:

Matter of Time – M/M Paranormal Erotica Short Story — FREE at Smashwords. $.99 on other sites.

A slave to the Unseelie Court, pitbull-shifter Canaan meets his match in the beautiful Unseelie prince. It’s only a matter of time before they both get what they want.




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